Ge Wang | Selected Press Clippings

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YouTunes | The Machine that Makes You Musical
New York Times Magazine | story by Rob Walker
December 2011 | pdf | online

"Is everyone musical? One sonic pioneer thinks so. And he has the technology to prove it..."

The iPhone's Music Man
IEEE Spectrum | profile by Tekla Perry
September 2009 | pdf | online

"The Ocarina app came from Stanford professor Ge Wang's sonic explorations."

"The DIY Orchestra of the Future"
TED Talk, 2014, 18 minutes. | | mp4

"Ge Wang makes computer music, but it isn’t all about coded bleeps and blips..."

From Pocket to Stage: Music in the Key of iPhone
New York Times
front page story by Claire Miller + Miguel Helft
December 2009 | pdf | online

"In the future, Professor Wang said, a music ensemble could be made up of any group of people playing music together, no matter where they are physically."

Virtual Maestro
Duke Magazine | profile by Jacob Dagger
July 2011 | pdf | online

"With a series of popular mobile apps that turn the iPhone into a musical instrument, Ge Wang hopes to change the way we think about music."

Stanford Researcher Uses Cell Phones to Make Music
Stanford University
feature by Cynthia Haven
March 2009 | online

"The sound is unearthly—the sort of hypnotic drone you might hear from the chanting of state-of-the-art Tibetan monks. Or a vibration picked up via radio signals from another galaxy."

So Many iPhone Apps, So Little Time
New York Times | by David Pogue
March 2009 | online

"It’s one of the most magical programs I’ve ever seen for the iPhone, and probably for any computer. It’s Ocarina, named after the ancient clay wind instrument."

Blow It Out Your iPhone
Inventors Digest
cover story
September 2009 | pdf | online

"Ge Wang and his students are reinventing ways to make music. The Stanford professor is conducting an ongoing instrument and techno-sociology experiment with mobile phones. Inventors of all stripes are invited to join together with the band."

Leading a Big Parade of iPhone Apps
USA Today | by Jefferson Graham
April 2009 | pdf | online

"We believe in the potential of interactive sound; we believe that everyone is inherently creative; and we want to unlock that creativity in everyone..."

Stanford's Orchestra of Laptops
San Francisco Chronicle | by Joshua Kosman
June 2010 | pdf | online

"You've now entered the world of Slork, one of various high-tech musical projects under way at CCRMA, Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics."

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